Who Is This

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Anyone who loves sports - Someone who can't wait to let the game begin!

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Managers/Leaders who want to have a fun contest in office and create a connection

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HR partners - looking for a simple and engaging fun game that captures everyones interest at office

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Startup founders- looking to build team bonding



Pick your favorite team and stick with them until the end.

Your loyalty might be rewarded.

What Kind Of

On the scale of “I am a die-hard fan” to “I am here for fun”,

what kind of fan are you? Pick from the list below.


Create your own group, gather your friends, and play with them.


We have curated a list of three subscription tiers to cater to all sorts of users.

Opt for the one that suits you.


Which team are you supporting today? Pick the team to show your support.

Ingroup &

Take a look at the list of player rankings of both in-group and the global player base.


Compare your prediction winnings with your friend's.

Let's see who has the extra edge of winning.


How It

Pick Your Team, Earn Rewards

Play With Your Gang

Match Day Lucky Draw

Prediction Bonuses

End of League Victory

Premium Subscriptions

Support the team you are a fan of and get rewarded for your loyalty.

Create inapp groups and invite your friends to join. Chat, poke, joke, compete & have fun with the your gang!

Every match offers a chance to create & declare a lucky draw winner and the opportunity to share exciting prizes.

Earn bonuses for accurate predictions and for backing your favorite team.

The member with the highest number of points in the group wins the contest at the end of the league. The member with the highest number of points at the platform level, gets exciting prizes too! See the next section to understand how the points system works.

Choose from Basic, Standard, and Premium subscriptions for different group sizes. Larger groups enjoy extra features for an enhanced experience.

How Points

Earn Points for Predictions

Get ready to unleash your inner oracle! Simply predict the winning team for each match, and if your predictions hit the mark, you'll bag a whopping 100 points!

Points Per Run

Get ready to rack up the points as your favorite team hits the scoreboard! For every run they notch up, you'll earn a sweet 1 point. But hold onto your seats, because if your beloved team surges past the 200-run mark, you'll pocket an extra 100 points! It's time to cheer your heart out and watch those points pile up with every boundary and six!

Bonus to show your true colour

Score big when your hometeam heroes clinch victory! Bag an impressive 100 points every time your home team emerges triumphant! It's time to rally behind your local legends and watch those points soar with each glorious win!

Points per Wicket

Prepare for the thrill of every wicket falling as your favorite team takes the field! Earn a solid 10 points for each wicket they claim, and brace yourself for an extra 100 points if they manage to bowl out the opposition team entirely! It's time to witness the bowling brilliance and rack up those points with every scalp taken!


End of League
  • The user with the maximum points wins. Multiple users with the same top points end up in a tie. (if tie)
  • The user with the most predictions wins. (if tie)
  • The winner is determined by lucky draw
End of League
  • User with best prediction accuracy (>50 matches predicted) wins. (if tie)
  • User with the most predictions wins. (if tie) 
  • The winner is determined by lucky draw
End of League
  • All users whose home team wins the IPL are eligible,provided they have not changed their home team. (if tie)
  • User with the most points from the first eligible list wins. (if not)
  • The winner is determined by lucky draw
End of League
  • Those who made the correct prediction will be selected as winners. (if tie)
  • If there are multiple people with correct predictions, the selection will be based on a lucky draw.
End of League
  • Anyone who doesn't miss a prediction in any match will be selected as the   winner. (if tie)
  • The winner is determined by lucky draw
End of League
  • Users who don't change their home team win.(if tie)
  • Users who consistently support their home team in all home matches win.

Download It Now

Fun has never been this “FUN”. Play with your friends and win exciting prizes.

Why watch? When you can Playyy!


The FanZE app is a platform designed for cricket enthusiasts to passionately support their favorite teams during matchdays. Users earn points based on the performances of players in real games, adding an exciting element to the experience. Through the app, users can engage in friendly competition with others, with prizes awarded based on their teams' performance. It's a dynamic and interactive way for fans to immerse themselves in the world of cricket and connect with fellow enthusiasts.

Joining Fanze is a breeze, with multiple pathways to dive into the excitement! Firstly, you can easily download the app from either the App Store or Google Play Store, unleashing a world of fan-filled fun at your fingertips.

But wait, there's more! You might just receive an exclusive "invite" from your friends, family, or colleagues to hop aboard their groups. Simply follow the invitation and download the app onto your device to get in on the action!

Now, let's talk registration—it's as simple as pie! Just kickstart the process by providing your mobile number. Choose your residing country and input your phone number. Then, hold tight for a one-time password (OTP) delivered straight to your WhatsApp. Enter the OTP into the app, and voilà! You're all set to embark on your Fanze journey. Let the excitement begin!

Rest assured, our app complies with all legal requirements and guarantees a safe user experience, regardless of your location. We operate within the bounds of the law and uphold stringent standards to ensure the security of financial transactions through our trusted payment gateways. Your privacy and data security are our top priorities, and we employ robust measures to safeguard them, providing you with peace of mind while enjoying our services. Our privacy policy is availbale on the website.

Winners will get a chance to win exciting prizes, gift vouchers, exclusive merchandise, and more. Prices vary based on your team's performance during the matches.

Certainly! Our app offers fantasy cricket gameplay throughout major cricket tournaments such as the IPL or World Cup, as well as T20 leagues and international matches. Embrace the excitement of fantasy cricket on a global scale with us!

We have a 7 day refund policy in case the user is unable to run the mini contest due to technical challenges.